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Okay ... so you want to know more about us ....

We're Mike and Stephanie - web designers and developers of, based in Asheville, NC. And, yes, we're not gay. But, we do have many great, close friends who are. Over the years, we've heard accounts from time to time about how discrimination against gays is still often found in the business realm. This isn't good. I grew up in Argentina, as a minority American, and Mike grew up in Bermuda as a minority caucasian. Although we both loved where we grew up, we know what it feels like to be in a "minority group" and are aware of how it feels to be an "outsider". Even though the discrimination we experienced doesn't begin to compare to that of the gay and lesbian community, we'd like to be a part of helping to break down this kind of prejudice. As web designers, Gayhoo.Info is a way we can contribute to this end....

More background info...

Mike has always wanted to create and manage a website business directory. One of his pet peeves has been directories that are not all inclusive and complete. Many, if not most, directories charge a fee to be listed. This excludes many businesses from being able to afford a listing and thereby, the resulting directory is not a complete directory. He has always maintained that most business directory sites should provide free listings at some level (it's the computer programmmer/open source thing in him...). He is also aware that there are some specialty directories that may have to charge a fee in order to operate and function. Gayhoo.Info is a way to satisfy Mike's long-held desire to create a COMPLETE business listing directory website....

The beginning of ...

We eat, drink, have coffee and hang out a lot at Anntony's Carribean Grille and Cafe, located in the Grove Arcade in downtown Asheville (it's an awesome restaurant and cafe with wonderful staff and owners!). Our friends know we can be found there on Friday evenings and often stop by to join us. We also conduct many of our business meetings there, as well. It was during just such a meeting when we once again heard about discrimination against gays. This time, the reference was about gay people wanting to get married. They encounter many hardships when trying to find gay friendly businesses that provide the all-encompassing services that weddings involve. One of the marketing women we met with also happens to work for an online directory service that is dedicated to
Mike and Stephanie - Halloween 2004 - Web Designers - outside at Table 72, Anntony's Cafe
gathering gay friendly, wedding related businesses to include in their national website directory. (They are a good example of a specialty directory and we will include their listing in Gayhoo.Info). On our way home that night, we chatted about meeting these two great women, their awesome marketing business and the online gay friendly wedding directory. We once again found ourselves pondering how unfair it is that gay folks still face a lot of discrimination and we were wondering what, if anything, we could do to help. We married (no pun intended) the gay friendly concept with Mike's desire to create an ALL INCLUSIVE BUSINESS DIRECTORY. Our new child, Gayhoo.Info was conceived!

The evolving of Gayhoo.Info ...

All excited about the creation of our new baby, we now had to figure out how we could best parent and afford to raise him/her (I'm getting carried away by my enthusiasm, this is, afterall, a website we're talking about). As full-time web designers, we are well aware of the amount of time and energy that is necessary to create, develop and maintain a great website. We decided the fairest way to justify and offset our costs, creating and maintaining, would be to charge a nominal fee for "active" email and website links. We also plan to incorporate small, "paid" ads in the future for a small fee. All standard listings will ALWAYS BE FREE!

Here's the current plan* :
Phone Number
eMail Address
Website Address
Short description of business products and/or services.

Fee based:
eMail address with a direct, active link
($5.00 savings)
Website address with a direct, active link
($5.00 savings)
Both eMail and Website are active links
($10.00 savings)
Featured Listing (includes eMail and Website links)
($10.00 savings)

Future, sidebox ads:
Approximately 150 X 150 pixel ads
Will rotate within category listing
($15.00 savings)
Approximately 150 X 150 pixel ads
Non-rotating, fixed ads, within category listing
($30.00 savings)

*These prices are subject to change as Gayhoo.Info evolves and budgeting dictates. We are committed to keeping costs down as much as feasibly possible! is in it's infancy.

"The diversity within the members of the community enriches the harmony of the whole"

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